About Allison Kraft


  • My primary goal is to reacquaint people with the value of unprocessed foods and help them work it into their everyday lives and budget for better overall health and well being.
  • My second goal is to reduce the overall need for any medications whenever possible by achieving optimal health through positive lifestyle changes and appropriate use of therapeutic grade essential oils.
  • I desire to fill in the gap between recommendations made by doctors, therapists, and other health professionals and a client’s day to day life.

Background / Experience:

  • A lifelong fascination with how the mind works, how we make decisions, and a fascination for why people do the things they do led to a Bachelor of Science degree in Psychology System from Taylor University. Taylor is a small private Christian college of about 2000 students in Upland, Indiana.
  • I’ve handled 40 different food allergies over the past 10 years as part of becoming a mother of two wonderful children, ages 6 and 10.

~  For example, both of my sons are anaphylactic to dairy, one is sensitive to food dyes, and the other is gluten intolerant.

~  This includes navigating almost 10 years of food related holidays, special occasions, and school events.

  • Three out of four of my immediate family have asthma, eczema, and indoor/outdoor allergies. I am intimately familiar with all the different lotions, creams, and medications available for such conditions.  I also understand the foundational importance of supporting the immune system naturally to minimize the need for external intervention.
  • I understand what toxic environmental conditions can do to you mentally, physically, and emotionally because I’ve lived through it myself.
  • I have hands-on experience with several diets including gluten free, dairy free, paleo, vegan, vegetarian, etc.
  • I have a long history of providing positive connections.  I have spent several years connecting techsupport customers with the right solutions to their software problems.  Now, I’m using that same skill set to connect clients with health solutions tailored to their unique needs.
  • I believe and have seen a whole world of nutrient dense foods that can feed our bodies and minds. There is also a massive amount of processed food that as a society we have just accepted without thinking of the long term consequences. Food dyes, additives, thickeners, and the like can all cause inflammation, changes in brain chemistry, and general irritation to our bodies with no positive nutritional value.