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Survive the Cold and Flu season without antibiotics or flu shots*

I’m sitting here with a box of kleenex strapped to my nose knowing that many of you are in the same situation. Three out of the four members of my household have gotten the flu this year. This is HIGHLY unusual for us. I myself had a severe sinus bug for six weeks last December and seem to have picked up a cold this weekend. In spite of my runny nose, I felt it important to share a few of my absolute favorites for surviving this cold and flu season.

Sleep is gold.

This may seem too obvious, but sleep is the best for supporting your body and fighting off illness. Years ago, I determined through trial and error that my “magic” number of hours of sleep is seven and a half. More recently, I have begun using an app call Sleep by Android. It is a fantastic little app that tracks my sleep patterns and quality of sleep using sonar. This app helped me also learn that as long as I get four hours of deep sleep Iwoman-2197947_1920 typically wake up quite refreshed even if I didn’t get my full seven and a half hours for the night. Nevertheless, this whole Winter I have mentally committed to getting seven and a half hours of sleep each night, eight when possible. This has been a fantastic way to support my body’s immune system and cope with the normal daily stresses of life. It definitely takes a little planning and coordinating the family schedule to keep sleep a top priority, but it is well worth it!

Avoiding allergic reactions to antibiotics.

At least once this winter my sinus symptoms were bad enough that I decided to see my family doctor. Although I typically avoid taking antibiotics whenever possible, I went ahead with my doctor’s recommendation this time and took the seven day round as prescribed. Sadly, this particular antibiotic had no noticeable effect on my sinus issues and left me with a minor, but troublesome, allergic reaction that took an extra week or two to resolve itself on top of the existing illness.


In light of all this, I much prefer to using essential oils to support my body’s natural defenses and shorten the course of illnesses. There are many, many essential recipes out there and I strongly encourage individuals to educate themselves on the safe use of essential oils. An easy place to start is this eBook called Essential Oils for Beginners. My absolute must have essential oil rollerball recipe for my household this time of year is this Immunity Blend.


Immunity Blend Rollerball (10ml)

  • 20 drops Protective Blend
  • 20 drops Melaleuca
  • 12 drops Lemon
  • 12 drops Oregano
  • Fill the rest with Fractionated Coconut Oil or your favorite carrier oil

I apply this every 2-4 hours to the bottoms of feet, spine, wrists, and/or back of the neck for up to 10 days. In the past, it has cut days off the length of my illness and reduced overall severity for me. The essential oils mentioned are available here.

The honey blessing drink.

As many of you already know, there is no magic bullet for getting over any kind of illness. So, for a simple way to relax and soothe my sinus troubles I make what my oldest son has affectionately nicknamed the “honey blessing drink”. It is a simple blend of warm water (or tea), raw honey, and lemon juice. The lemon juice in particular is good for relieving sinus drainage down the back of the throat.tea-1090672_1920

How to make the “honey blessing drink”:

    1. Heat fresh water to boiling or brew tea.
    2. Fill your favorite mug with about 8 ounces of hot water or tea.
    3. Add 1 tablespoon lemon juice.
    4. Add 2 tablespoons raw honey

Well, it’s time for me to head back to the couch for some much needed rest. I hope that you all find these tips useful. Take it easy and be well this Winter 🙂


*Disclaimer:  Always seek immediate medical attention as needed for any illness.  The information here is from my own personal experiences and is not intended to be used in place of professional medical care.